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Experience Canaan Independent Living

A Home Flowing with Love and Affection.

Canaan Independent Living shares messages of hope, kindness, and compassion. We believe that a single act of love can change lives for the betterment of each resident who resides at Canaan.

The Canaan Touch

Canaan is a licensed living care facility with staff independent care and accommodations that are second to none.

Our highly trained and qualified staff provided our tenants with a safe and independent living environment.


We offer services for families needing to find a home for a

loved one and include but is not limited to:


  • 3 Home-cooked meals 

  • 3 Nutritious snacks (Available upon request)

  • Laundry services

  • Medication Assistance

  • Transportation to and from Doctor's Appointments


Canaan Independent Living is recognized and has passed the necessary requirements for licensure from the Houston Police Department Mental Health Boarding Home Division.

In addition, Ms. Betty Holman serves as an organizational consultant and mentor to those individuals seeking information, with plans to start and operate an Independent Living/Boarding Homes Facility.


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A Proud Member of the

Business and Professional Women's Federation 

National and Texas Central Metropolitan Chapter 2020

Three generations of women


Making A Difference

We believe that maintaining health and wellness is an essential part of being independent. Providing a path for living independent living is our goal. If you are looking for the right place for yourself or a loved one we invite you to tour our facility.

Positive Impact

One Step at a Time

With our organization’s mission always in mind, to have a fulfilling experience and redefine your independence is key. The overall health and well-being of our residents are paramount. We strive to serve well and to provide a place of comfort, solitude, and happiness.

Our Mission

Providing Hope

At Canaan Independent Living, it is our mission to provide a safe warm "at-home" atmosphere. It is also our mission to make every resident feel like they will never have the need to be considered a dependent again.

Our Founder and Executive Director

From Vision to Reality

Betty DeSelle Holman is an author and entrepreneur, in 2015 while at home recovering from an on-the-job injury, she stepped out on faith with the vision God had given her many years ago. In April of 2015, she knew that was the year and season for Canaan Independent living to be birthed into existence, so with the leading of God, Canaan Independent Living was started in the home of Betty Holman. Initially, she used her paycheck to start, sustain and feed 11 individuals. There was no starting capital, no SBA, no savings account, no seed in the game as they call it, all Betty Holman had the faith and a vision that this was and still is God’s will for her life. For, she believed in the Japanese Proverbial saying” If you have a vision for a year plant wheat, If your vision is for 10 years plant trees, If your vision is for a lifetime plant people” On that premise, Canaan was born, through providing a loving and nurturing environment Canaan is committed to planting individuals back into society through love,

“Kindness is seeing the best in others even when they cannot see it in themselves.”

- Unknown

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This 3 hour course will prepare you for everything you will need to launch your own Independent Living Facility. Form how to obtain your business license to choose the right building for you and your tenants. 

You'll need to book a Discovery Call to see if you are a good fit for the program as a pre-assessment as business ownership requires passion, consistency, and longevity.

Book your pre-assessment

15 Minute Discovery Call  which is a

with author and course instructor Ms. Betty Holman today.





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