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 Water Walking Faith - By Betty DeSelle Holman

Are You A Water Walker?


In the book of Matthew, we learn that Peter walked on water in response to Jesus invitation for him to do so. In the middle of his faith walk, Peter began to sink. For 2000 years, Peter has been criticized, but no one else has duplicated what he did on that stormy day.  Yet, there are times when we are called to “walk on water.”     


A water walker is an individual who goes against the norm. Someone who believes, “There’s more inside of me that believes the impossibilities of life can become possible.” A water walker believes if God said do it, it’s a done deal.  When we juxtapose Peter’s story with Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me,” we can only conclude that if we believe God’s word, then nothing is impossible.  


That is the message author and business owner Betty Holman wants the reader to receive in Water Walking Faith, the true story of how she started an independent residential home with less than $200 in the bank. She used her Workers’ Comp paycheck to start, sustain, and feed 11 individuals until her home turned a profit. She didn’t have startup capital, savings, nor seed in the game as they call it. All she had was faith that this was God’s will for her life. She is now the owner of three Independent Living properties in the Greater Houston area.


She writes in Water Walking Faith, “The extraordinary you calls to the ordinary you on the inside from time to time. That is the stronger you, the better you that is destined to do great works for the kingdom of our God.”


She continues, “Many times to get to the greater you,  you must make life-changing decisions, get rid of destructive distractions, and climb over the mountains of frustration and disappointments in order to start water walking. Whatever you need to do to fulfill your destiny in God, do it by any godly means necessary.”

Water Walking Faith by Betty DeSelle Holman



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About the Author

Betty Deselle Holman

Betty Deselle Holman is a Houston-based entrepreneur who is the founder of Canaan Independent Living Facilities.  A licensed Evangelist and District Missionary, she currently owns three such facilities. Canaan is noted as being one of the top Independent Living Facilities in the area

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