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Our Executive Director

Canaan Independent Living

From Vision to Reality


Betty DeSelle Holman is an author and entrepreneur, in 2015 while at home recovering from an on the job injury, she stepped out on faith with the vision God had given her many years ago. In April of 2015, she knew that was the year and season for Canaan Independent living to be birthed into existence, so with the leading of God, Canaan Independent Living was started in the home of Betty Holman. She used her paycheck to start, sustain and feed 11 individuals until Canaan began to turn a profit. There was no starting capital, no SBA, no savings account, no seed in the game as they call it, all Betty Holman had faith and a vision that this was and still is God’s will for her life. For, she believed in the Japanese Proverbial saying” If you have a vision for a year plant wheat, If your vision is for 10 years plant trees, If your vision is for a lifetime plant people” On that premise, Canaan was born, through providing a loving and nurturing environment Canaan is committed to planting individuals back into society through love, nurturing and encouragement. Canaan is committed to assisting the individual in regaining their independence, self-respect, and self-esteem.

Since Canaan Independent Living has been in existence it has touched the lives of many individuals and continues to strive to be that home that gives a beacon of hope to individuals that society has forgotten. Canaan’s Motto is A Home that flows with Love and Affection. In September of 2017, She opened a 2nd Facility, which is The Canaan Deselle Home named after her father Charlie DeSelle, as of date Canaan provides a loving home to 21 individuals, many who suffer from mental illness, former substance abusers and the elderly.

Betty Holman’s desire is to continue to provide quality service mixed with a spirit of excellence to every individual that makes Canaan their home, Each day Betty Holman finds immeasurable joy in providing a structured, clean, safe and loving home for God’s people. Many times she receives calls concerning individuals who need housing and do not have the means to acquire a place to stay her response is “what’s an extra plate”  she firmly believes if  God’s people are taken care of he will continue to take care of what belongs to him, which is Canaan Independent Living. It is my will and determination to ensure that Canaan continues to be one of the top facilities recognized for its quality care.

Canaan Independent Living is recognized and has passed the necessary requirements for licensure from the Houston Police Department Mental Health Boarding Home Division.

In addition, Ms. Betty Holman serves as an organizational consultant and mentor to those individuals seeking information, with plans to start and operate an Independent Living/Boarding Homes Facility.

Betty Deselle Homan, Canaan Independent Living

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